LED High Bay Light

200w LED high bay light


Product Name: 200w LED high bay light



• Dimension: ¢500 X H486mm

• LED quantity: COB BridgeLux high bay light LED

• Total power consumption:200w

• Luminous flux (typical): 15000lm

• Mail materials: Aluminum

• Voltage: AC85-265V 50-60Hz

• CRI: >75Ra

• Viewing angle for LED high bay light: 120Degree 45/60/90degree are available

• Waterproof level of LED high bay light: IP65

• Install height: 8m,10m,12m

• Color temperature: 2000-7000K

• Power factor: >0.9

• Operating lifespan for LED high bay light: 50,000hrs

• Packing: 8pcs into one carton


Design Advantages for LED High Bay Light:

1.Heat dissipation design: adopt high thermal conductivity aluminum shell, laminated structure, thermal conductive area is fully. Convection radiator, adopt double roller Fan ( 50,000 hours lifespan) with protection circuit and temperature switch,make heat transmited adequately.On the normal temperature condition to use 8 hours, the suface temperature is less than 60 degree. Even if fan stops working when product temperature reaches 70 degree, temperature switch can make product to stop working, then you can replace fan to continue use .

2.Optical design: precise banding light path control technology, ensure lighting regional longitudinal brightness and evenness, intensity of illumination in the space of evenness.

3.Power supply design: intelligent power supply, constant-current, PFC circuit, EMC circuit design, the power supply with UL, CE certification.

4.Intelligent circuit design: use the fan cooling, if fan is defective or high temperature, the LED lamp will stop working.


Characters of LED High Bay Light:

* LED High Bay Light can reach up to 50,000 hours lifespan (Depends on proper environment )

* Efficiency of Power supply >85%, Power factor >0.92

* CRI>75, Warm white and Pure white are available

* Isolated, low voltage and constant current drive, It is more safe, stable and reliable to use

* LED High Bay Light Adopt high quality Aluminum shell with special thermal convection dissipation structure,longer lifespan

* Lighting performance is soft, proporational. No glare,no flicker

* LED High Bay Light adopts High quality LED chips source with longer lifespan and low lighting decay LED High Bay Light Application: Suitable for Warehouse, Workshops, factories, toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, exhibition halls, gymnasium, and some other places where need industrial lighting.


1. Tighten bolts must be solid, preventing LED High Bay light fall off from top!

2. Need to connect the earth wire with ground to ensure lamp more stable on working!

3. Wiring finished, must use insulating tap twined around, ensure insulated and reliable!

4. Make sure lamp work on the rated voltage range, if exceed the rated voltage,will cause irreparable damage.

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