The Application of LED

LED’s proprietary characteristics above mentioned determines their ideal suitability in a wide range of application.

Decorative lighting
Due to the rich variety in colors, small size, durability, energy savings, LEDs are perfect light source for decorative application. Attached on a PCB, flexible cable, or other desired materials; LEDs can be used for light source of channel letter, signs, border light, light tube and so on.

With the advance of the white light LED technology, an array of white light LEDs assembled in a certain way are now bright enough to be used for domestic illumination, such as light, table lamp, and garden lamp etc.

A typical application of LEDs is for message display or large-scale display screen, which are popularity used in sport fields, airports, business centers and so on. The largest LED display in the world is 36mm high, at Times Square,Manhattan.

LCD backlight
Because of LED’s small size and low power consumption, they are perfect light source for LCD backlight.